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Joe Carbonara

Excellence in Experience

In addition to projecting slow but real growth for the foodservice industry in 2018, The NPD Group outlined a handful of attributes that will affect the way consumers use foodservice. Specifically, NPD predicts consumers will remain strapped for time, embrace digital ordering even more and strive to develop a closer relationship with their couches.

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Juan Martinez

Eye on Efficiency

If your new year’s resolution has fallen by the wayside not that the calendar has turned to February, never fear. It is always a good time to explore new experiences and new opportunities to make a difference in the foodservice industry.

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Jerry Stiegler

Restaurant Sales Flat in January, Sales Growth Among Largest Chains Slowed, and the Number of U.S. Restaurants Dipped

U.S. retail sales declined in January while restaurant sales were flat. Rising government price indexes raise fears of higher inflation and interest rates. Technomic reports sales growth among the 500 largest restaurant chains slowed for the second consecutive year. The number of restaurants in the U.S. declined last year. These stories and whole lot more This Week in Foodservice.

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The Krystal Company will debut a new building prototype and a complete frozen treat lineup in Marietta, Ga. The location will open on April 5 and represents the burger chain’s first redesign in more than a decade. Krystalpic

Krystal’s frozen treat menu includes hand spun shakes, soft serve cones and sundaes, as well as Kool-Aid Slushies and a Caramel Mocha Frost iced coffee product.

The new design’s central feature is a contemporary clock tower “reminding guests that they can get fresh, hot and steamy burgers around the clock,” according to a company release. The remodeled restaurant features a vibrant color package, LED lighting, enhanced digital menu board and artwork described as being “modern, yet maintains the brand’s heritage.”

The company’s new restaurant initiative started with internal project design followed by research with guests on what they saw as the significance of the brand. After more than nine months of research and design development, the Davenport prototype, with the prominent clock tower, was created to pay tribute to one of Krystal’s founding members, Rody Davenport, Jr., long-revered for his commitment to quality food and the guest experience.


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